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This year (2024), we are celebrating 150 years. A house that has existed for over a century often embodies a timeless heritage, bearing witness to a long tradition of know-how and commitment. Through the generations, it has managed to withstand the tests of time, symbolizing durability.

The longevity of these buildings lies in their ability to evolve over time. Thus, a centennial house represents much more than a structure; it reflects a history, an expertise, and a commitment to values that transcend eras.

Our teams, which rejuvenate with age, are often the most beautiful evidence of attachment to the brand, compelling us to continuously question and reinvent ourselves

There is no minimum order, but be aware that your shipping costs will be significant in relation to the order.

We only accept bank transfers. Checks and cash are excluded.

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of our shipping service! Once your payment is accepted, we commit to dispatching your parcels quickly, usually within 2 days, thanks to our reliable partnership with UPS. For added peace of mind, each shipment comes with a tracking number, allowing you to easily track your order online.

For those who prefer extra security, we also offer the option of delivery with signature required via UPS. Contact us to learn more about this option and the associated fees. We take care to calculate shipping costs to ensure a perfect balance between economy and efficiency.

These fees cover not only transportation, but also the meticulous preparation and packaging of your items, with fixed preparation fees and shipping costs adjusted according to the total weight of your order.

To maximize your value, we recommend grouping your purchases into a single order. Although each package is shipped under your responsibility, we pay special attention to fragile items, using appropriately sized boxes and ensuring optimal protection of your goods.